Earn as a Contributor

At Community Development, there are a handful of ways for community members to contribute and get rewarded with Dai. Bounties, CDIPs, and grants provide a format to delegate and scale the work community members can create, update, and maintain MakerDAO community resources.

Who is this for?

Community Development offers various tasks and initiatives that are suitable for contributors with different backgrounds and skill sets. Developers, Designers, Writers, Editors, and other skilled contributors can earn Dai for their contributions.

Bounties, CDIPs, and Grants

There are several ways for contributors to earn Dai for their contributions:


Bounties are predefined tasks designed for contributors to jump in with little to no context and few dependencies.

Community Development Initiative Proposal (CDIP)

A Community Development Initiative Proposal (CDIP) is a proposal framework to support new initiatives and to expand the scope of existing ones. CDIPs require review and approval before work can be done, and are used for projects that require planning and feedback before execution. The funding level is small to medium, typically under $5,000.


There are two different kinds of grants; meetup grants and development grants.

Meetup Grants are micro-grants that support passionate people who organize meetups aimed at expanding the community by educating people about topics around DeFi, MakerDAO, and Dai.

Development Grants are larger sized grants, typically between $5,000 to $50,000, aimed at individuals or teams building projects around Dai and the larger MakerDAO ecosystem.

How does it work?

Completing a contribution is defined by four steps:

  1. Find

  2. Approve

  3. Work

  4. Complete



  • Most contributions require some form of approval before compensated work can be started. A good first step is to connect with an Advisor, Lead, or Approver in the #community-development chat channel.



  • A contribution is paid out when a milestone or a project is complete and goes through a final approval by the Approver.

  • Ask an Advisor or Approver for instructions on submitting a payment request.

For further questions or insights, talk with the team in the #community-development chat channel.