What can I contribute to?

MakerDAO has several community-driven programs and resources where members are welcome to contribute. Find the latest list in the Explore Ways to Earn as a Contributor section of the Contributor Onboarding guide.

Where can I ask questions about contributing?

Ask questions related to contributing in the #community-development channel on MakerDAO's chat.

What types of contributions can I make?

Community Development projects regularly involve writing, editing, proofreading, translating, coding, designing. Contributors are encouraged to take on any tasks they are comfortable with, match their skill sets, and will improve the quality of MakerDAO's community resources.

Some examples include improving or creating educational materials and resources, participating in the quarterly maintenance of community resources, developing open-source tools that have utility for the community, hosting meetups, proposing new initiatives, or working on existing ones.

What are the Contribution Formats?

There are several formats for contributing. These include Bounties, CDIPs, Meetup Grants, and Developer Grants.

Bounties are smaller predefined tasks, designed for contributors to jump in with little to no context, and few dependencies.

CDIPs are used to propose new initiatives and expand the scope of existing ones. These projects require planning, review, feedback, and approval before work can begin.

Meetup Grants provide funding for community events that help educate new members and build the greater MakerDAO community.

Developer Grants are larger grants aimed at individuals or teams building projects around Dai and the broader MakerDAO ecosystem.

Are there rewards for contributing?

Yes! The Community Development Group runs various programs that reward contributors with Dai for completing assignments.

Some opportunities have predefined rewards. Others require plans to be submitted, reviewed, and approved.

To learn more about available reward opportunities, visit Earn as a Contributor.

To ask specific questions, join the #community-development channel on MakerDAO's chat.

How do I receive a reward for contributing?

Contributors should submit an invoice for their work.

For instructions on how to submit an invoice, ask for the Community Development Invoice Guide in the #community-development chat channel.

Are there rules for contributing?

Visit the Contributing Section for MakerDAO’s contributor standards and guidelines. Get familiar with the Community Development resources before starting any work.

Do I need approval before I start contributing?

This depends on the type of contribution. While some smaller tasks don't require permission, it's good practice to first express interest in #community-development. Get approval before starting work to help prevent project overlap and wasted effort.

For most projects, the workflow looks like this:

  1. Find a project and plan.

  2. Get approval.

  3. Work.

  4. Get Feedback.

  5. Complete.

Once the work is completed, the contribution goes through a final approval process.

Some permissionless tasks include submitting PRs to Awesome-MakerDAO and adding to, or fixing any of the resources in MakerDAO's Community Repo on GitHub.

Who approves what I contribute?

Community Development resources and initiatives go through a process that includes a Writer, Reviewer, and final Approver. Contributors can take on the Writer and/or Reviewer role, but will always need their work approved by a final Approver before it is published. Currently, the final Approver role will often be the head of Community Development. Learn more about Comm-Dev Roles in the Contributor Onboarding Guide.

How does the final approval process work?

Before submitting a Pull Request (PR) to merge into the Community Development repository, contributors must request an invitation to the repo. See the Contributor Tools Guide for best practices when submitting a PR. The final Approver accepts a contribution to merge it into MakerDAO’s community GitHub repository.

Collaborating with experienced community members in #community-development, and following the contributor guidelines will help ensure that contributions are accepted!

How can I submit a contribution using GitHub?

  1. Sign in or create a GitHub account.

  2. Go to the MakerDAO Community Repo on GitHub.

  3. Navigate to the file to submit a pull request or open an issue to make a suggested change.

To learn more about creating issues and submitting pull requests, see the GitHub Overview Section of the Contributor Tools Guide.

Why was my contribution not accepted?

The final Approver will explain any issues or requests for changes in the PRs comment section Contributions may go through several rounds of revisions before being merged.