What can I contribute to?

MakerDAO has several community-driven programs and resources members are welcome to contribute to:

Alternatively, visit the Community Development project board on GitHub. Browse through Issues marked with the Help Wanted label for other ways to contribute. Address outstanding issues to help solve problems and complete tasks other members may be stuck on.

Are there rules for contributing?

MakerDAO's standards and guidelines for contributing can be found in the pages of the Contributing section. Become familiar with the rules before starting any tasks.

Who approves what I contribute?

Accepted contributions are merged into MakerDAO's community GitHub pages. All contributions require admin approval before becoming part of the MakerDAO community repository.

Are there rewards for contributing?

The Community Development Group has set up various bounty programs for community contributions. The Translation Initiative, for instance, has bounties awarded based on role and workload. The reward one receives depends on the contribution.

Where can I learn about the bounties for contributing?

Ask in the community development chat room.

Why was my contribution was not accepted?

Look through the comments section of the pull request. An admin will provide an explanation for why it was rejected.