Reviewer Guide

Reviewers are responsible for editing and maintaining MakerDAO’s Community Development resources. Writers and contributors are all welcome to assume the Reviewer role.

This guide introduces the review process and outlines editing standards. MakerDAO expects its Writers and Reviewers to adhere to the principles described within this guide and all other Comm-Dev contributor guides.

*Note: Reviewers should be comfortable working with Google Docs, Markdown on HackMD, and GitHub.*

Reviewer Roles

The Reviewer roles for Community Development projects are divided into three categories.

  • Tone | Grammar: This type of Reviewer assesses content and resources for tone and consistency and ensures that all documents adhere to the Writing Style Guide.

    • This role does not require in-depth knowledge about MakerDAO.

  • Content | Concepts: This type of Reviewer edits content and makes sure that any ideas presented are factual and easy to comprehend.

    • Content Reviewers should have a deeper understanding of MakerDAO and its functions.

  • Maintenance: This type of Reviewer follows document-specific maintenance guides to keep existing documents standardized and up to date.

    • Check GitHub for a document-specific maintenance guide that accompanies the main document.

General Expectations

Note: The Reviewer’s top priority is to make sure that concepts are clearly expressed, and that the writing and tone adhere to the Writing Style Guide.

  • Reviewers should be proficient writers with some background knowledge of cryptocurrencies and MakerDAO.

  • They should be familiar with the Comm-Dev contributor guides.

  • By and large, all contributors should focus on effective collaboration.

The guideline below offers general advice to ease the Reviewer's work process.

Reviewing an Existing Project

  • Existing documents may be at any stage:

    • Google Doc

    • HackMD

    • Live on GitHub

  • Give existing documents a full read-through before starting work.

  • When possible, improve the clarity and presentation of the material.

  • Check for and correct any typos, grammatical errors, and deviations from the Writing Style Guide.

  • Expand on and update concepts as MakerDAO grows.

    • Incorporate new developments within MakerDAO.

    • Update documents to reflect the latest terminology and language as Maker grows and standards change.

  • Add cross-linking to relevant resources.

  • Take into account that final iterations are converted to Markdown and published on GitHub.

    • Avoid including direct links in a Google Doc.

      • Use the Markdown format to simplify conversion later on.

        • Example: [link](

  • Use the Google Docs heading presets.

    • These presets work well with tools that convert documents into Markdown.

    • Headings can also help structure a document.

      • Google's outline tool follows the preset header formats.