Engineering for Communities
    Andy Tudhope
    April 2, 2021
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    This site was not just created to make it simple for content contributors to create their own pages with minimal developer oversight. It's explicitly meant to be easy for engineers to extend. MakerDAO is about building better money, and this requires that the tools we use are openly accessible and can be used without permission. We're taking that a step further here, by making our community tools not only open but simple to use, complete with an entire section dedicated to technical education.
    Here we explain our experience of building a scalable community website that can handle multiple different languages; many different kinds of contributors; and many different ways and means of contributing. We dive into why we've structured things as we have; how you can extend anything; and how you can dive deeper into the internals of how specific modules and components work. You'll also learn how to leverage our design system - DAI-UI - to build slick, smooth, and optimized user interfaces with minimal effort.
    It's great to speak the language of online community building, but one needs solid technical foundations on which to build truly transformative ways of interacting and relating. This site is a building-block which sits on top of our open smart contracts that define the actual protocols for a better kind of money, in order to show you how high the temple pillars can really reach.
    This is just the beginning of your journey. Once you've seen how easy it is to work with our technical community tools, and how they interact with our Developer Experience and Design work, like DAI-UI, we hope you'll fall down the rabbit hole and begin to figure out the deeper architectural challenges and intricacies of what "better money" might really mean for all of us. Our philosophy is that "content creators write the website," so grab some popcorn and dive into the story of the community portal.
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