Work with us
    How you Play a Part is up to You!
    Want to work in crypto? This is your opportunity. There are lots of ways to contribute to MakerDAO.
    Contribute to existing bounties, help us create and edit content, translate, host a meetup or hackathon, take notes on governance and risk meetings, and more.


    See what tasks we need help with.


    Write, edit, design, and code educational documents and resources.


    Translate our content into other languages.


    Host a meetup to educate and promote Maker and Dai.


    Make something awesome with Maker or Dai.

    Governance & Risk

    Take notes at our weekly governance and risk meetings.
    Hire Yourself
    If you are skilled, want to help, and have interest in any of the opportunities listed above – you just passed the interview!
    Let us know what you want to work on and start earning Dai!

    Say "Hi!"

    The best place to start is in our chat. Say hello and get to know us. Community Chat

    Got an Idea?

    We welcome ideas for improving our community resources. Submit a proposal and we’ll help you get started.