Governance and Risk Meeting

In these meetings, we set the stage for cultural and operational consensus across the community for a number of issues that relate to the Scientific Governance and Risk Framework.

To make sure we create opportunities for the greatest amount of direct community interaction, we have weekly calls on Thursdays. In the calls, we:

  • Establish base principles around Governance and Risk.

    • What is, how it works, etc.

  • Discuss the latest documents and models published by the Interim Risk Team.

  • Introduce industry experts for outside analysis.

We also explore a range of themes:

  • What is governance? How does the community want to implement it?

    • What is Scientific Governance?

  • What is Sustainable Finance?

  • What are our values? Where is our common ground?

  • How do we measure positive and negative externalities?

  • What is 'risk'? How do we measure and manage it?

  • How do we move towards Gradual Decentralization?

  • How do we foster a healthy debate?

In these weekly calls, we will be learning together from some of the smartest people in the space.

If you have an interest in helping Maker evolve over the next few years, please sit in and take part in shaping the future of our DAO.


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