Grantee Playbook

This document outlines list of very basic best practices our grantees are encouraged to follow. Please take a close look; how well your team completes this checklist will used to determine whether milestones have been hit, and will contribute to the future relationship your organization has with MakerDAO.


Cross promotion is important when getting the word out about the cool projects you are working on. Please follow, like, add, clap, upvote, etc., when your fellow teams publish something.

This increased visibility will allow MakerDAO to form PR plans around notable events and product launches.

  • Set up a Twitter handle for your team

  • Try to maintain at least weekly activity in the account

    • Follow projects in your space

    • Follow other grantees

    • Identify influencers who might be interested in your project and add them

    • Post links to your blog posts, repos, etc

Source Code

  • Ensure that all work is being regularly committed to a repo

    • Regularly track and close issues, PRs, etc

  • Add @ghettodev to the repo if it's private

  • Create a top level which contains a detailed description of the project, goals, features, roadmap, installation instructions

  • The Community Development team will primarily be watching activity in grantee repos to measure project velocity

Dev Posts

  • Each project needs a dedicated blog. Devpost, Medium, Ghost are good options.

  • Set up a reminder to write a dev post at least once a month, or once per milestone, outlining the progress/challenges/wins, your team has encountered. Include links to repos, demos, social media

    • Look at these examples by our grantees for inspiration: here, here, and here

    • This is how a master promotes a new release...


  • Ask questions in the MakerDAO #dev channel. The people who built the core MakerDAO ecosystem are all in there, and available for questions.

  • Please make an effort to remain visible in the #comm-dev-incubate channel. There are many teams working on projects complimentary to the Dai ecosystem so there is a good chance someone there has some ideas about problems you might be facing. It's also a great opportunity to find ways to integrate with other projects in the space.

  • All grantee team members should be in the #comm-dev-incubate chat room. If anyone on your team is missing, please ask them to join

    • Please post all status updates, tweets, questions in #comm-dev-incubate so other grantees can jam on whatever is going on and share social media love

Evaluating Grantee Success

These will be the overarching categories of KPIs the participants will be expected to follow in order to hit milestones and release the next block of allocated funds:

  • Ability to follow the framework, i.e. this, and other requirements docs

  • Interacting with, and helping out, other grantees

  • Maintaining visibility and velocity in social media and in repos

  • Being able to reference a list of commits or issues that complete roadmap items

  • Hitting milestones on time(ish)

  • Launching a product