Funding Requirements

If you would like to have MakerDAO participate in your hackathon, please have a look at the following checklist and make sure this information is included when you reach out to us.

We need this information, at minimum, two weeks before the event, so please reach out to us as early as possible.

Information we need:

  • Name of event

  • Location

  • Date

  • Number of expected participants

  • Please provide links to details specific to the hackathon part of the event

  • Total prize requested?

  • Number of challenges requested?

  • What is the theme of the event, if any?

  • Where will the will details of the bounty be hosted? (, gitcoin, etc)

  • How will the prizes distributed?

  • Who will be judging?

  • Where can we find summaries of the event, and the projects, after it is over?

  • Will the winners be promoted on social media?

All MakerDAO Hackathon winners who wish to apply to the MakerDAO Grants Program will have their applications fast-tracked through the process. It is very important that we get some form of contact information for the winners who wish to apply for a grant.