Community Meetup Grants

Welcome to Do It Yourself Community Meetups, a place where you can find all the resources you need to host your very own meetup.

Project Snapshot

  • Bring together your local community

  • Get funding in Dai

  • Create learning opportunities around MakerDAO and Dai

What are we trying to accomplish?

Maker is only as strong as its community. By hosting a meetup in your area, you can help develop a local community that is passionate about Dai and the ecosystem that is being built around it. Through the meetups project, we seek to:

  • Give the Maker community the resources they need to organize successful meetups

  • Develop a grassroots movement that educates, inspires, and grows the Maker ecosystem and community

  • Encourage local Maker communities to collaborate on projects on top of the Maker Protocol and Dai

Project Description

This program is a major initiative of the Maker Foundation. We offer a micro-granting program to help fund local community meetups.

Additionally, we're working with the community to actively develop a collection of guides to help you, even if you've never planned an event before. Currently, these include a Getting Started Guide, Budget Guide, Promotion Guide, and an Event Formats Guide.

Is this for me?

Hosting Meetups

Do you enjoy hosting events and bringing people together? Are you passionate about MakerDAO and Dai? Do you have access to a community of interested people? Are you willing to organize and host an event? We're eager to support people who are building the Maker community in their city.

Contribute to the Hosting Guides

Not in a position to host? No problem. We're constantly looking to improve the quality of our Hosting Guides.

  • Prior hosting experience is a plus, but not necessary

  • Experience in writing or editing is recommended

How do I get involved?

Ready to start planning your meetup? We've created a guide to help you get started.

Interested in contributing to the Hosting Guides? Learn how in our contributors page.


Micro-grant applications are open.

Important Disclaimer

These meetups are not for speculating on the price of the token or general hype. The main goal of hosting meetups is to bring people together and educate them about MakerDAO and decentralized finance. When talking about the MKR token, the goal should be to educate the attendees about the purpose and utility of the token. Presentations can focus on the MakerDAO ecosystem, how MakerDAO and Dai interact with open finance, decentralized governance, or other relevant topics.