Budget Guide

This is a guide on how to manage the financial side of hosting a meetup. Before you get going, we want community members should aim to achieve the most value for the money you are spending. If you are being given an honorarium to cover expenses for this event, it will be based on the Community Meetup Form you submit to us beforehand.

Here are some guidelines for how you should budget for your event.

The Space

The type of event you are hosting will determine the requirements of the space. If possible, always try to use a free space or one that might be offered as part of a secondary sponsorship. Local universities, libraries and crypto-friendly businesses are great places to start.

However, if the type of event requires equipment or a specific location, it may be worthwhile to pay a rental fee.


The first thing to ask yourself is what kind of equipment do you need? Most meetups involve some type of presentation. If this is the case for your event, please make sure to find out if the space has the equipment available to facilitate this. I.e., a computer, projector, and screen. If the event is relatively small, you can probably get through it without a microphone. Otherwise, it is usually always a good idea to have some form of voice amplification.

Ideally, you want to find a location that has all of these things included so you do not have to buy them yourself. If the venue does not have some of this equipment, the next possible step is to reach out to people attending your meetup. Posting in the event page, or reaching out to a few individuals you're familiar with might prompt someone to volunteer their own equipment to help out.

Food and Beverages

Always check beforehand if the venue allows for food and drinks. The longer a meetup, the more reasonable it is to provide light food and snacks. Coffee or tea is generally always a good idea.

Banners and Printed Materials

We do not cover funding for banners and printed materials.