How do I get started?

Start planning your meetup by establishing the location, time, and cost of the event. After you have this, you can request funding using this Form.

What is a Virtual Meetup?

Virtual meetups are organized events that take place using teleconferencing software. Similar to physical meetups there is an agenda, speakers, and a topic or set of topics that attendees gather to engage with.

What does a grant for a Virtual Meetup cover?

Grants for Virtual Meetups primarily cover honorarium. Any other associated expenses

Am I eligible to receive a micro-grant if Maker and Dai are only one part of my agenda?

Yes, as long as an appropriate amount of time will be allocated to discussing Maker related topics.

I have never organized a meetup before, do I still qualify for a micro-grant?

Absolutely. This initiative is meant for first-time organizers and aims to give them the resources they need to plan and host their own events.

Who shouldn't apply for a microgrant?

  1. If you are an event organizer seeking funding for a large event, this form is not for you. Please reach out to [email protected] instead.

  2. We do not fund alcohol/bar tabs or airdrops of Dai or xDai.

Where can I get additional help with my meetup?

You may seek additional help or advice in our #community-development chat.

Should I record the talks and take photos of the event?

Yes, absolutely. One of the best things you can do to improve the impactfulness of your event is by creating and sharing pictures and videos. Recording the talks and hosting them on online can be a very effective way of providing a referenceable resource for others in your local community to share between each other and even with friends of neighboring cities and countries. Media provides very useful learning resources, gives you something you can send to people remotely, and generally gives you a larger reach.

Can I organize more than one meetup group?

We provide funding for one event at a time. Each following grant requires that the organizer fill out a feedback form about the previous event.