How do I get started?

Start planning your meetup by establishing the location, time, and cost of the event. After you have this, you can request funding using this Form.

Am I eligible to receive a micro-grant if Maker and Dai are only one part of my agenda?

Yes, as long as an appropriate amount of time will be allocated to discussing Maker related topics.

I have never organized a meetup before, do I still qualify for a micro-grant?

Absolutely. This initiative is meant for first-time organizers and aims to give them the resources they need to plan and host their own events.

Who shouldn't apply for a microgrant?

  1. If you are an event organizer seeking funding for a large event, this form is not for you. Please reach out to [email protected] instead.

  2. We do not fund alcohol/bar tabs or airdrops of Dai or xDai.

Where can I get additional help with my meetup?

You may seek additional help or advice in our #community-development chat.

Can I organize more than one meetup group?

We provide funding for one event at a time. Each following grant requires that the organizer fill out a feedback form about the previous event.