Promotion Guide

Once you've chosen a venue and secured the date and time, make sure to create an event page and promote the meetup so that you can attract some attendees.

Event Hosting Websites

  • is a fantastic resource for promoting your meetup.

  • Facebook Events: is also a decent format to host an event page.

  • has a free ticketing system that can be used for your meetup.

  • addresses the no-show factor in hosting these events. This is a service that lets attendees stake a small amount of crypto when registering for a meetup. This amount is returned to them if they attend the event. Any no-shows lose their stake which can then be split amongst the attendees.

Crypto-Friendly Social Networks

  • Peepeth: Think of it as a blockchain twitter.

  • Telegram: Many public crypto meetup chat rooms, find the one right for you.

  • Wechat: Many public crypto meetup chat rooms, find the one right for you.

  • Facebook: Sharing events with friends is a powerful tool to spread awareness.

  • Twitter: Crypto twitter is far-reaching.

  • Craigslist: Posting in Groups and Events in the community section of your local Craigslist site may attract more people to your event.

Local Venues to Promote Your Event

  • Libraries

  • Community Centers

  • College campuses

  • Co-working spaces

  • Coffee shops

Setting Up Your Event Page

To make people aware of your event you will need to create an event page, which has a few fundamental elements:

  • The name of the event

    • A good name can capture the theme, main topic, or general ethos of the talk.

  • The time and location

  • Description

    • This is a good place to go into detail about the purpose for your event, the agenda, who is speaking, who is a sponsor, etc.

  • Additional details, such as "How to find us"

    • Add any additional information unique to your event that a potential attendee would find helpful. This will vary depending on the event.

Some Pointers

  • Always update your events page with any changes that might occur.

  • We recommend that you reach out to attendees with reminders, updates, or teasers.

  • In addition to the platform you are using for hosting the main event page, we recommend broad use of social media to promote your event and attract even more participants. See the MakerDAO socials above. Don't forget to link the URL from your main event page.

  • Incentivize members to bring their friends along. Give prizes and create competitions for attendees to share on Facebook, Tweet, etc.

  • Collaborate with other Meetup organizers and run events together. Groups must be complementary.

  • Collect pictures and media from your event. This way, for future events, you have some referenceable material. Media is also useful for growing your local community outside of the event itself.

Additional Resources

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