Requesting Funds

To apply for a micro-grant, submit a completed Community Meetup Form. Once the form is reviewed, we will reach out to you with next steps through the contact information you provide.


If your Community Meetup Form is accepted, the following are required:

  • Please send us an invoice through the Request Network Invoicing App.

    • Payer Address: 0xF563f100df419CCDe59BFBE0692fc4c5bFe01706.

    • You will be able to provide a link to your invoice in the Community Meetup Form.

  • After your event, please fill out and submit a Feedback Form.

    • Grantees who do not fill out this form will not be eligible for future funding.

  • If you are planning to charge an entry fee please disclose the amount you anticipate collecting in the "additional notes" section of the Community Meetup Form.

    • Please write the actual amount collected in the Feedback Form.

    • Please speak briefly about Community Development at MakerDAO to the attendees of your event:

      • Direct people to the Community Development Portal

      • Mention that we have several initiatives for people who want to contribute to MakerDAO

      • Mention that we award Dai bounties varying by the type of contribution.

Who should apply for a microgrant?

The Community Development Group has allocated funds to help members of our community host local meetups. If you're a community member who is passionate about MakerDAO and Decentralized Finance, this form is for you.

Who should not apply for a microgrant?

  • If you are an event organizer seeking funding for a large event, this form is not for you. Please reach out to [email protected] instead.

  • We do not fund alcohol/bar tabs or airdrops of Dai or xDai.


Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or feedback you might have.