What documents are available for translation?

We don't maintain a public list, as the documents that are available for translation are subject to change. Don't hesitate to ask a team member in the #translation channel in our chat for the most up-to-date information.

How can I get involved?

Join the #translation channel in our chat and say hello. Click the links to find out what the Translator and Editor roles entail. One person can be both Translator and Editor, but the same person cannot translate and edit the same document.

What are the bounties?

Bounties range from 50 to 250 Dai, depending on the role and document complexity. After an application is accepted, the bounty breakdown is provided with the assignment. Bounties are non-negotiable.

Should I have experience in translation/editing or knowledge of MakerDAO?

Anyone can apply. However, we prioritize those with translation and editing experience. Knowledge of Maker's protocol is preferred. Experienced applicants are more likely to be given an assignment, especially those native to the translated language.

Can I use Google Translate?

No. Copying from Google Translate will disqualify applicants from receiving bounties and from future assignments. We encourage using Google Translate as a tool if stuck on tricky terms, but it should not be the primary method for translating documents.

Am I allowed to use software to help me?

We encourage using tools to assist with word choice and proofreading. We do not support relying on software for the entire assignment. Assignments done with obviously minimal effort will not be awarded bounties.

When do I receive my bounty?

Bounties are awarded after edited documents are pushed to MakerDAO's public community repository. Translators will need to wait until Editors complete their work. Once the document is given a final review, it will be published to our repository, and all participants will receive their bounties.

What do I do when I don't know how to translate a specific term?

Ask for help on our #translation channel. We'll do our best to help find someone familiar with the native language and blockchain terminology.

What is the quality assurance process?

Translations require a minimum of two people:

  • Translators: who produce the initial copy.

  • Editors: who are responsible for quality assurance.

Community members are also invited to audit existing documents on our git repository. Anyone can submit an Issue or Pull Request to address errors or suggest improvements.

Are there deadlines? How are they determined?

Yes, there are deadlines. They are individually negotiated, vary between assignments, and are ultimately determined by the coordinator. Our coordinators issue and manage assignments for approved applicants.